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LangBiru's Services


What We Do

  • Our Company has a mobile laboratory and the fish is checked at every phase of its growth. The fish is fed only organic food without any antibiotics. Before selling the fish, it goes through final checks to certify safe and of the highest quality.

We use the latest technology to grow our fish from monitoring the fish through cameras to creating the strongest wood to cage our fish. We try to improve the growth using different techniques and methods.



Selat Anak Tikus

Ultimate Location for Healthy Fish

  • Strong Under Currents
  • Clean Prestine waters
  • Lots of natural corals
  • We sit on 5 Acres of Sea Water.

Andaman Fish Market

Andaman Fish Market.

  • Andaman Fish Market is Lang Biru's Sales Arm
  • We are located in Kuala Lumpur and in Singapore
  • We provide fresh seafood straight out of our farm and from the local fisherman
  • Lead by a team of experts in seafood.

Floating Laboratory

Technology in Aquaculture

  • Managed with high tech Aquaculture system
  • All fries are tested for liver and all other hatchery related problems
  • We provide even sick bays for all fish that are unhealthy and nurse them to health
  • All high tech equipment off shore
Constant Ideas

We have been constantly creating new ways to improve the quality and the growth plan of our seafood


We have the boats, trucks and mobile riders to provide you with fresh fish from our farm


We store our fish in the most well manage storage in Kuala Lumpur


We are growing from 2 acres to 6 acres of farm sealand

We will also build a wholesale business with our warehouses that we are currently acquiring

Our Team

Everyone in our team are well trained and highly skilled

Managed by a few aquaculture experts


To provide the best quality sea fish, we inspect in detail all our fish before it leaves our farm.